Be a partner

Partners are corporate organisations actively involved with LifeBlood in helping the organisation fulfil its mandate. These activities include but are not limited to:

Sponsor an internal blood drive
You sponsor and host a blood drive campaign targeted at your staff that allows them to donate blood conveniently at their place of work at various intervals over the course of a year. This is an effective internal marketing tool as it is something that your employees can be proud of and can get involved in.
Workplace giving

This is a payroll giving program where we present our mission face-to-face with your staff and ask them to donate a small amount (e.g. N2,500) to LifeBlood every month.  This internal marketing opportunity allows your staff to feel the positive effects of doing something charitable, every month of the year, and with just a small financial contribution.  [Cost to organisation: negligible bank transaction costs]

Employee volunteering

From your senior executives to the workers that keep your offices clean and tidy, you can practically demonstrate your social consciousness. You supply LifeBlood with teams and individuals that fundraise for events, participate in blood drives, prepare equipment for blood drives, sit on our advisory committee or provide professional services (e.g. legal, accounting, marketing etc.) for free.  This internal marketing tool is highly rewarding for participants, who will experience a fresh perspective of our work.  [Cost to organisation: man hours of employees if volunteering occurs during work time]

Sponsor a community blood drive

You sponsor a major blood drive that we will deliver to a large consumer group amongst which you would like to boost your brand recognition and you donate a substantial prize to one lucky attendee.  You will achieve significant brand visibility when we put your logo everywhere on event collateral (e.g. t-shirts, banners, signage, newsletters, print and web ads, radio spots, tweets, Facebook posts, press releases, invites, landing pages and email campaigns).  [Cost to organisation: will depend on size of the event]

Customer giving

As customers are often willing to try a brand they’ve never heard of because of its association with a particular cause, you invite them to get involved in charitable giving.  This could involve asking them to donate as little as N500 at the cash register when they pay for your services or products or you repackaging one of your products with LifeBlood’s logo and informing customers that a percentage of the sales will go to our cause. [Cost to organisation: all the donations come from your customers but there will be minimal in-store promotions or new packaging costs]

Provide discounts to regular, voluntary donors

We incentivise our registered donors to donate blood regularly by offering them promotions from a small selection of merchants that reflect their lifestyles and purchasing behaviour.  This could be discounted cinema tickets for students, lower gym membership fees for urban professionals or money-off grocery shopping for mothers.  You select the target market that you wish to boost frequency and value of purchasing and we put your logo on the back of their donor registration card and inform them of the deal.  [Cost to organisation: will depend on level of promotion]

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